How to quickly lose 10 kg at home with fast diets

how to lose 10 kilograms in a week

The desire to be slim is inherent in both the female and male. Sometimes it happens that you need to lose weight very quickly at a certain time for an important event or vacation. In such situations, fast weight loss diets have a good effect.

Provided that a person is really overweight, he will be able to lose ten kilograms in a week without making too much effort. But if in fact overweight are invented and in reality do not exist, then the body will be very reluctant to part with the usual weight.

What are the fast weight loss diets

Fast weight loss diets give excellent effects in a short time, but the results obtained, unfortunately, do not last long. You should not switch to your usual diet abruptly. A smooth transition from diet to habitual eating will result in the least stress for the body.

Protein Diet

From the name it is clear that based on the 10 kg weight loss menu at home, it will consist of protein products. Due to the fact that the diet consists of protein products, the body will begin to use fat accumulations for its usual life. And this, in turn, makes it possible to lose weight, as it relieves of extra pounds and corrects the outlines of the figure.

The weekly menu is based on seafood (about 300 grams), a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, skinless chicken breast (200 grams), lean beef (100 grams), chicken egg whites (5 pieces).

During the diet, it is prohibited to: fried, canned food, semi-finished products, fermented milk products, vegetables with a high starch content, milk, carbonated drinks, juices from the store.

The power mode must meet the requirements:

  • There should be five to six meals a day.
  • Complex carbohydrates are allowed before lunch.
  • Afternoon meals should include protein and low-starch vegetables.
  • The daily allowance for fat is thirty grams. It is recommended to get it from vegetable oil, which can be used to season fresh vegetables.

Buckwheat Diet

Before using this diet at home for losing 10 kg per week, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as it is quite strict and not everyone can tolerate it.

The main food is buckwheat, however, few other foods are allowed. Every day you need to eat up to two hundred and fifty grams of buckwheat. It should be cooked in the evening - 250 grams of dry buckwheat is poured with boiled water, closed with a lid and left overnight. The liquid should be two fingers higher than the buckwheat level in the pan. Replacement of water with kefir is allowed. Salt, spices and other spices are not added to the porridge.

Lean buckwheat porridge cooked in the evening is eaten during the day. Drinks allowed - mineral water and green tea without sugar. The last meal should be four hours before bedtime. If, after you have eaten all the porridge, you are still hungry, you can drink a glass of fat-free kefir or eat an unsweetened green apple.

Kefir Diet

After a kefir diet, a person will not only lose 10 kg per week, but also allow the digestive tract to become healthier. At the end of the diet, immunity improves, the efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract increases, cholesterol levels decrease, and toxins are eliminated.

The daily volume of drunk kefir should be equal to one and a half liters. This volume is divisible by five times. In addition to kefir, you should consume additional foods daily that are allowed on the diet.

Menu of additional products allowed on the kefir diet:

  • Day one - five medium potato tubers, boiled with the skin.
  • Day two - one hundred grams of boiled chicken breast without salt, without skin.
  • Day three - one hundred grams of boiled beef.
  • Day four - one hundred grams of boiled or steamed white fish.
  • Day 5 - fresh vegetables and fruits up to 1 kg.
  • Days six and seven - unlimited drinking water.

How to lose 10 kilograms in a week without dieting?

In order not to exhaust yourself with diets, but still lose weight quickly, you should turn to physical exercise, a balanced diet or visit a sauna.

Bath or sauna

For one visit to a bath or sauna, a person loses two kilograms. Such a sharp jump in weight occurs due to the loss of organisms fluid, as well as toxins and fat. For maximum effectiveness in losing weight, you should go there on an empty stomach. It would be useful to use a scrub made of sea salt and honey. Be sure to take breaks of a few minutes between entering the steam room. For weight loss, do not swim in the pool or take a cold shower after the steam room.

After visiting a bath or sauna, it is recommended to refrain from eating for the first two hours. However, a cup of delicious green tea is not forbidden, naturally without sugar.

Balanced nutrition

Losing weight fast with a balanced diet is easy. The main thing is to follow the rules.

A balanced nutrition system is based on the following rules:

  • Food eaten per day should be divided in the following proportions - first meal - 25%, second meal - 50%, third meal - 25%.
  • Calculate the required ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Fifty percent of the diet should be carbohydrates, fifteen percent protein, and twenty-five fat. This ratio will give a person the desired fast weight loss of 10 kg. Take into account that proteins must be of animal origin, fats are mostly from vegetable oils, and five percent of carbohydrates must come in the form of fiber.
  • For every kilogram of your own weight, you must drink 30 milliliters of clean drinking water. Tea, broth, soups, juices and so on are not counted as they are not water, but are considered liquid.
  • It is imperative to calculate the amount of calories. In order to lose 10 kg per week, you need to consume no more than 1400 calories per day.


Since the ideal exercise program is individual for everyone, the best solution would be a visit to the gym and personal trainings with a trainer. But, not everyone has the opportunity to do this. Therefore, you can lose weight by 10 kg per week at home with the help of physical exercises on your own. However, for this a person will need strict discipline, perseverance and great willpower.

To lose weight quickly, you need to choose the right exercises.

Properties that physical exercise must have to lose 10 kg per week:

  • Helping to speed up metabolism. This should be a resistance exercise. The workout should consist of or half of strength training.
  • A person should enjoy training, and not perceive it as punishment.
  • On average, one exercise session should burn 300 calories or more.
  • Increase the load over time. That is, as soon as it becomes easy to lift the weight, it needs to be increased. When running, you can accelerate or increase the distance. All increases in weight or intensity should be felt individually. If last time you increased the distance you were running, and today you do not feel well, then you do not need to torture yourself and exhaust yourself, just reduce the intensity of your exercises this time and enjoy your workout.

How to lose 10 kg with water in a week?

losing weight with water

The easiest way to lose weight by 10 kg per week at home, since you do not need strict restrictions and compliance with a lot of rules. Nutritionists call losing weight with water a lazy diet.

A lazy diet consists of drinking plenty of water before every meal and, most importantly, immediately after sleeping.

Immediately after a person woke up, he must definitely drink a glass of clean drinking water with a slice of lemon. If you have problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, then lemon should be excluded. Then during the day, fifteen minutes before each meal, be sure to drink a glass of water. Water fills the stomach and, therefore, a person eats less food.

It is better to buy water in a store - mineral or non-carbonated drinking water. Water from the tap is allowed for consumption, but it must be passed through a filter before using it. The volume of water drunk per day should not exceed three liters. It is possible to follow a lazy diet for a month, however, the results will be visible within a week.

Slimming teenager without harming the body

Rapid weight loss through diets or fasting days is not recommended for adolescents, so losing 10 kg in a week will not work.

Weight loss in adolescents should be smooth without leaps in the correct balanced diet, with a sufficient intake of vitamins. With proper nutrition, a lot depends on compliance with the regime and the quality of the products. Products must be natural, without various chemical additives. And the meal should be at a certain time from day to day.

Sports will be a great help in losing weight for teenagers. Physical activity most actively burns excess fat and get rid of excess pounds.

First meal - breakfast should never be skipped. It is these calories received in the morning that provide energy for the whole day. At lunchtime, it is recommended to eat liquid dishes - borscht, soups, broths, and so on. They will not allow you to consume extra calories, since liquid meals are better for filling and filling the stomach.

The entire diet should be protein-based. It is protein that is a building material for a young developing organism. It is better to minimize heat treatment of food. Allowed - stewing, park, steaming, baking. To the maximum, it is required to exclude spices, salt, hot spices, canned foods. Dried fruits or nuts are great substitutes for sweets. Also, carbonated drinks and juices from the store are expelled from the diet. Juice prepared at home is allowed for consumption.