Basic Principles of PP for Weight Loss

the nuances of proper nutrition for weight loss

A slim and toned body is a dream not only for women, but also for most men. To lose weight, you do not have to torment yourself with rigid diets and exhausting workouts.

Proper nutrition takes a special place in the struggle for a beautiful figure. It means a balanced menu, carefully selected products and a few simple rules that form the basis of the PP.

Is it possible to lose weight on proper nutrition

Observing the principles of proper nutrition, you not only supply the body with useful vitamins and minerals, but also rid it of toxins and fatty deposits. The menu includes only low-calorie foods. Despite this, they saturate the body for a long time, which avoids unplanned snacks, which are most often used as sandwiches or chips.

A healthy diet also helps prevent the development of various diseases that can lead to obesity (such as diabetes). The diet is aimed at accelerating metabolism and improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to this, you can not only reduce weight, but also cleanse the skin of acne and blackheads, as well as improve the condition of hair and nails. In addition, the state of health will improve, the feeling of heaviness after eating will disappear, which will be a pleasant bonus to a flawless figure.

If you follow the basic principles of proper nutrition, you can easily get rid of 5-9 kg. The exact result depends on the physiological characteristics, gender and age of losing weight.

What foods you can eat

The list of permitted foods for PN for weight loss is quite extensive and varied:

  • meat;
  • low-fat fish and seafood;
  • cereals and legumes;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • fermented milk products;
  • nuts and dried fruits (in small quantities).

Top 7 scientifically proven products deserve special attention:

  1. Grapefruit- is rightfully recognized as a natural fat burner. It contains a large amount of vitamins with a minimum calorie content.
  2. Oatmeal- rich in complex carbohydrates. They are the fuel for the body.
  3. Tomatoesare a versatile ingredient for many dishes. Prevents the development of cancer and heart attack.
  4. Broccoli- contain an active substance called sulforaphane. Many heart medicines have been created on its basis.
  5. Unrefined vegetable oilsare a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These varieties include olive, sea buckthorn, sesame and flaxseed oil.
  6. Whole grain- protects blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques and helps to lose weight. This group includes such cereals as millet, buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice.
  7. Greens- contains chlorophyll, which suppresses the negative effects of junk food. Parsley, lettuce, cilantro, dill, basil, and spinach have antioxidant properties.

It's worth noting that the list of the healthiest foods was compiled on the basis of 20 years of research by scientists.

Harmful products

One of the most important principles of good nutrition is avoiding unhealthy foods. If you want to lose weight without much effort, then you need to work out your eating habits. For example, you are used to eating fast food during your lunch break at work, eating it with chocolate cake and drinking soda. You will need to completely abandon such a habit, replacing junk food with healthy ones.

The list of prohibited foods includes the following foods:

  • sausage;
  • smoked meats;
  • semi-finished products;
  • croutons;
  • chips;
  • canned food;
  • baked goods;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces;
  • soda and packaged juices.

You should also avoid foods that contain trans fats, preservatives, soy, and palm oil. It is recommended to minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages and confectionery.

The process of losing weight should start with cleaning the refrigerator. Remove from it all foods on the list of prohibited foods. If this is not done, then at a certain moment you will definitely eat a piece of sausage, which will certainly be followed by another one. This will only lead to a food breakdown, after which the process of losing weight will have to start over.

Basic Principles of PP for Weight Loss

By following the basic principles of good nutrition, you can achieve amazing results. However, each rule has its own characteristics and nuances, so it deserves detailed consideration.

KBZhU ratio

The most important rule of a healthy diet for weight loss is balance. The body must necessarily receive proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The rejection of any of these macronutrients will certainly entail a number of negative consequences. It should be understood that the body and body cannot function normally if they are deficient in BJU.

The correct ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates is 35%, 25%, 50%.

Protein intake is worth highlighting. This is due to the fact that it is present in every meal. If you do not play sports, then the daily rate is 1. 5 g. For each kilogram of your weight. With regular physical activity, the amount of protein is approximately 2. 5-3 g / kg.

If you want to more accurately calculate your individual daily allowance for KBZhU, then use the ready-made formula:

  • (weight (in kg) x 10 + height (in cm) x 6. 25 + age (in years) x 5 - 161 (for women) or + 5 (for men) x activity coefficient).

Activity rate is your lifestyle. If it is quite mobile, then this indicator will be equal to 1. 30. In the case of an inactive, sedentary lifestyle, the coefficient will be 1. 2. With regular training, the figure will increase to 1. 45.

Weight loss diet involves restricting calories. The daily calorie intake for women is 2, 000 calories per day. To lose weight, you need to reduce your diet by 10% -20%.

Power Mode

With proper nutrition, you should eat often, but in small portions, to lose weight. The daily diet includes 5-6 meals, 3 of which are the main ones (breakfast, lunch, dinner). This is necessary to improve metabolism. For it to work, it is necessary to regularly supply the body with small amounts of food. Also, this "trick" allows you to avoid the feeling of hunger.

Slow carbs and protein are preferred for a quality breakfast. For example, porridge, cottage cheese or omelet. Please note that neglecting breakfast is strictly prohibited. It is he who launches the work of the whole body and energizes you for the whole day.

Complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein are good choices for lunch. This meal is considered the most satisfying and high-calorie. For lunch, you can cook soup, meat or fish, side dish.

The main requirement for dinner is lightness. In this case, the dish should be rich in protein and fiber.

The remaining 2-3 meals are snacks. Choose foods rich in protein and fiber. The first snack should take place between breakfast and lunch. It is often referred to as brunch. In this case, the ideal solution would be cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit or smoothies. The second snack is an afternoon snack. You can "freeze the worm" with nuts or dried fruits. In the case of the last snack, everything is individual. Someone can easily do without it, while others simply need it, and refusing it leads to a nightly overeating. The last meal should take place 2-3 hours before an hour. Kefir or fermented baked milk is considered ideal for such a snack.

Important!Fruit can only be present in meals in the first half of the day. They take a long time to digest and absorb. If you eat an apple before bedtime, it will lead to its rotting in the body.

Drinking Mode

When losing weight, you should regularly drink clean water. Tea, coffee, compote, juice, and other drinks are not counted. The daily intake with proper nutrition is 2 liters. Even mild dehydration can impair brain function and reduce physical performance. Smartphone owners can install an application with which they can monitor the replenishment of water balance.

Important!The brain often misreads the body's signals, confusing thirst with hunger. If you feel hungry an hour after eating, then do not rush to grab onto food. Drink a glass of water first.

Drinking liquids is recommended 10-15 minutes after waking up. A glass of room temperature water will help you wake up faster and prepare the body for the first meal.

Cooking methods

Eating right may seem difficult to many. This is the most common misconception. In reality, it is enough to simply master all the rules of the PP. The method of cooking is equally important. It depends on him whether the food will benefit or harm your body. For example, when frying, most of the nutrients are broken down, as a result of which the body does not receive the vitamins and minerals it needs. In addition, the vegetable oil used for frying significantly increases the calorie content of the dish.

When losing weight, you need to pay special attention to the heat treatment of products. They can be boiled, stewed, steamed and baked.

Sample menu for the day

Composing menus for proper nutrition should be approached responsibly. It should be varied, otherwise it will quickly get bored, which will lead to food breakdown. We have prepared a unique selection of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


  • low-fat cottage cheese, apple;
  • oatmeal with pieces of fruit;
  • omelet with broccoli;
  • millet porridge, a slice of whole grain bread, a slice of cheese;
  • smoothie, bread;
  • buckwheat porridge cooked in milk;
  • fruit salad dressed with natural yogurt;
  • oatmeal, 2 chicken eggs;
  • bruschetta with tomatoes and avocado.
  • oat bran with milk;
  • banana smoothie, 2 toast with fruit.


  • brown rice, turkey baked in foil, vegetable salad;
  • light vegetable soup, buckwheat, steamed fish cakes;
  • pumpkin cream soup, vegetable stew, boiled chicken breast;
  • chicken broth, baked fish with vegetables;
  • cabbage soup, cauliflower in a creamy sauce, steamed chicken cutlets.


  • salmon with boiled chickpeas, vegetable salad;
  • durum wheat pasta, boiled turkey breast;
  • lean steak, vegetable stew;
  • curd casserole;
  • fish with vegetable salad;
  • omelet from 2 eggs, salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • pilaf.


  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • plain yoghurt;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • vegetable or fruit smoothie;
  • fruits;
  • kefir;
  • snowball;
  • milk jelly with fruit;
  • baked apple with honey and cinnamon.

What else is important for weight loss

The following recommendations, which can also be attributed to the basics of a healthy diet, will help speed up the process of losing weight with PP:

  1. Eat more complex carbohydrates. You can get them from vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, legumes. Do not forget that it is they who account for 50% of the daily intake of BZHU. It is better to refuse fast carbohydrates.
  2. Food should be at a comfortable temperature: not higher than 50-60 degrees and not lower than 10 degrees. Foods that are very hot and too cold have an adverse effect on the digestive process.
  3. Eat fiber-rich foods every day. Like a sponge, it absorbs toxins accumulated in the body, gently removing them from the body. In addition, dietary fiber improves intestinal microflora and ensures long-term satiety. Fiber is found in wheat bran, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.
  4. Sweets are allowed to be eaten only in the morning. Unlike diets, PP does not require a complete rejection of confectionery. It is enough to choose the right delicacy. For example, a slice of cake can be substituted with homemade cheesecake. It is also allowed to eat dark chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows, marmalade, marshmallow.

Exercise will help speed up the process of losing weight. Cardio training is rightfully recognized as the most effective. In 40 minutes, you can get rid of 400-600 kcal. If, due to your busy work schedule, you do not have time to visit the gym, then you can train at home.

Eating well is a quick and easy way to lose weight. The most important thing is adherence to the basic principles. In most cases, the first results will be visible within a week.