drinking diet rules

Of the variety of diets existing today, drinking is one of the most commonly used. With its help, you can not only lose weight, but also remove toxins and toxins from the body. The basis of such a diet is very simple - it is recommended to eat only liquids. There are several types of it in terms of duration - from one to 30 days. A 7-day drinking diet is considered the best option.

Important!See your doctor before dieting of any length. He will determine whether your health allows you to comply with the restrictions, recommend a menu that is suitable for you and a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Fasting day

But before you decide to go on a 7- or 30-day diet, it is very helpful to try your hand at a one-day diet. If you can easily spend one day on drinking products, then you can dare to take a longer option. Drinking day, or fasting day, is very useful after leaving the diet: it will help keep the body "clean", and the lost kilograms will not return.

This is the easiest and simplest dietary restriction, but it is recommended that you use it no more than once a week. To prepare for such a day, you need to go for a day or two before unloading to a healthy diet: give up fatty, smoked, sweets, alcohol and carbonated drinks. And various cereals, light soups and fresh homemade juices are the basis of the diet.

There are many types of fasting drinking day. It can be done at:

  • clean still water;
  • green tea;
  • milk or fermented milk products;
  • tomato or other juice prepared before consumption;
  • a drink made from beets, apples and carrots.

But there are contraindications for some products. In order not to harm the body instead of benefit, you need to enlist the support of a doctor.

Weekly Diet

Drinking a diet of this duration is a rather mild variant of food restriction, but you also need to prepare for it in advance. About a week before the start, you should not eat fatty, sweet foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, cocoa, juice from packages. Soups, various cereals, low-fat dairy and sour-milk products, fruits, freshly squeezed juices are recommended. Do's and don'ts on a drinking diet?

The list of prohibited foods and drinks for dieting includes:

  • fatty dairy products,
  • carbonated drinks and alcohol,
  • packaged juices,
  • solid food,
  • sugar and its substitutes,
  • spices,
  • vegetable oil,
  • rich broths.

The list of allowed products is quite large:

  • clean water,
  • any low-fat broth,
  • low-fat dairy and fermented milk products,
  • fresh juice (fruit, vegetable or mixture) prepared at home
  • teas with lemon, but savory
  • unsweetened compotes, jelly: from berries and fruits, oatmeal,
  • cocoa, sometimes coffee (no sugar),
  • sparse puree soups.

Sample 7-Day Drinking Diet Menu

diet drinking diet for a week
  • 1st day: milk, fermented milk products. Fat content should be up to 1. 5%.
  • 2nd day: vegetable, fish, low-fat chicken or beef broths.
  • 3rd day: homemade juices with water (approximately 1: 1).
  • 4th day: tea (preferably green) without sugar, it is possible with lemon or milk.
  • 5th day: bouillon.
  • 6th day: savory compotes.
  • 7th day: fresh homemade juices with water.

The menu can be changed depending on your preferences. But it should be designed so that, in addition to losing weight, the products help to cleanse the body. It is recommended to drink more than 1. 5 liters of still water daily.

The toughest diet

The classic drinking diet lasts 30 days. For such a long time in a tough regime, only people who are very obsessed with losing weight can dare. This time is enough for all internal organs, cells to be cleansed and excess weight left. The diet should be more varied than the seven-day restriction menu: the body needs a variety of nutrients.

Dividing products by day is not necessary at all. The following foods must be present in the daily diet:

  • non-fat fermented milk products,
  • homemade juices or unsweetened compotes,
  • pureed soups from your favorite vegetables,
  • teas, jelly (preferably oatmeal).

Caution and positivity will lead to success

It is necessary to drink hot soups-mashed potatoes, warm permitted drinks, so that the digestive system does not freeze. Between meals, remember to drink more than 1. 5 liters of still water.

In the first half of such a difficult ordeal, you can suffer from headaches, apathy, fatigue and irritability. It is necessary to take vitamins and minerals, carefully monitor the reaction of your body. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract - urgently end the experiment. You will need to switch from a drinking diet to any other - there are now a great many of them. Or you can have weekly fasting days. And then you will slowly but surely come to the desired result. But you should definitely consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

the pros and cons of a drinking diet

In order to create a positive emotional attitude and reduce the impact of stress (and it will certainly arise) on the nervous system, it is a good idea to resort to tricks.

  1. Mixing seemingly inappropriate product tastes - with such experiments, you can achieve original and fresh combinations.
  2. Use bright vegetables - this can create the feeling of a sunny day or green grass.
  3. Decorating your meals beautifully will add joy to the harsh dietary routine.
  4. Do not forget that following the drinking diet for 30 days, you will be satisfied with the results, despite the difficulties experienced.

Let's finish the exhausting diet competently

Correct withdrawal from the drinking diet is as necessary as strict adherence to the diet itself. During the time of release, it is necessary to gradually return the body to the previously adopted regime and style of nutrition. This will help to maintain the harmony acquired with such difficulty and not cause harm to health.

If the diet was followed for 7 days, then the exit from it should take at least a week. In the event that the diet was designed for 30 days, then it will take longer - up to two weeks.

It is recommended to introduce common foods into the diet in the following sequence:

  1. liquid cereals without sugar;
  2. omelet, cottage cheese and casseroles from it (without sugar), vegetable puree, steamed or boiled fish;
  3. cheese, vegetables (baked, steamed or boiled), non-solid fruits;
  4. dried fruits, nuts, lean meats and other solid foods.

With the correct exit from the diet, you will maintain a feeling of lightness for a long time and will always be in good shape and in a good mood. In order to keep yourself in this state, you need to have drinking days every week. One-, seven- or thirty-day drinking diet - the results are sure to please you anyway. With a one-day diet, you can lose about 2 kg, with a seven-day diet - up to 7 kg, and with a 30-day diet, all excess weight can go away. But it will depend on how much there was. Regular drinking days will help you achieve what you want.