Belly Slimming Exercises

What are the most effective ab exercises? In order to quickly remove the belly, you only need 1 exercise. Simple, but super effective against the background of taking diet pills.

Of course, it will not allow you to pump up abs cubes. But it will very quickly remove excess fat from the abdomen, sides and waist. It will tighten your abdominal muscles, thereby keeping your abs in constant tone, which will form a slimmer silhouette.

In order to quickly remove the abdomen and sides at home, you only need a pump or a vacuum of the abdomen. But first, a couple of facts. To better understand the process of losing weight in the abdomen.

We remove the stomach and sides

How to remove the belly and sides of a woman at home, without diets and exercise equipment?

We will warn you!It may be an obvious thing, but still. Rapid weight loss (fat) is not the most beneficial for health. You can quickly remove excess fat on the stomach and sides, but then some effort will be required from you. Namely one light exercise and a diet pill.

And in terms of time, it will be about 2 weeks to 1 month. Or just hard exercises, for example, pumping up the press. It is possible without pills. Then it will take a little more time and is definitely more difficult physically. Which is not suitable for everyone.

If you want to remove the belly even faster, you will have to revise your diet a little. Not diets, no. Healthy eating. But more on that in another article. As you can see, I am both smart and slim at the same time, it will not work. The body will have to help. At least something! Ready? Then let's start with theory!

Abdominal fat

First, let's give you some scientific terms. If anyone does not know, there are different types of fat in our body.Abdominal fator what is deposited on your belly and waist belongs to the saturated types and it is a harder tissue.

This means that you need to remove it according to a scheme different from that used for general weight loss. And if the task is to remove the excess pointwise, without general weight loss, then the recipe will be with nuances.

Important!Retroperitoneal fat is directly related to blood sugar levels. Consider this fact. Losing weight thoughtlessly, you can remove the stomach, we admit. But the main thing is not to harm the body. Diabetes mellitus is a rare trash.

There is such a thing, the glycemic index. If you do not spread the thought over the tree, it all comes down to a simple thing. In an attempt to lose weight, you need to carefully monitor what we pull into our mouths.

Do you like sweets?There is a nuance - fast carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels. And then simple chemistry. Because high blood sugar can damage the brain, our bodies defend themselves.

Utilizes excess sugar into body fat! And of course, the best fat depots are the abdomen, sides and thighs. Therefore, it is recommended to start the fight for weight loss by revising your diet.

Exercises for the abdomen

Remember the simple number - 40 minutes. This is the time less than which any activities or exercises do not make sense. If your activities are shorter, you may not even be trying to lose weight. You can stubbornly and hard swing the abs on your stomach, but if it's less than 40 minutes. in time, nothing will come of it. The belly will remain the same. Unless you tighten a little muscle.

Forty minutes, for less than this, the body simply does not have time to turn on the processes of burning triglycerides and cholesterol. And do not perceive classes as hard labor, turn on the music, call your godfather, girlfriend, neighbor, but lose weight on the positive, the effect will be better, tested in practice!

A partner's joke about your ugly belly will only stimulate you. By the way, according to our statistics, group training is 20% more effective than individual training.

It will be enough to do these exercises 4-5 times a week. Why we do not know, no one has conducted clinical studies. But statistics, collected over 11 years of work, speak of the highest efficiency of this pair in terms of lost pounds, for all age groups.

So here we go, abs exercises!

Abdominal press

Pumping, vacuum or belly dancing, this is an exercise for the press, which, while taking lipotropic drugs, will help you remove a saggy belly and fat on the sides in a couple of weeks. Especially effective for women after 40 years of age, when the metabolism is no longer the same. And when done intensively, this exercise will even give you a press in the form of embossed cubes. Provided, of course, that you had them before. You will simply remove excess belly fat.

Becausethe vacuum for the press effectively expels water from the abdominal (subcutaneous) light fats. And this thinns the fat layer in the abdomen and emphasizes the relief of the abdominal muscles.

before and after losing weight

Note that the exercise for the press is not a dogma, your option is possible (for example, standing, sitting, lying on your back). You can also sit in front of a TV or computer and do a vacuum of the abdomen, the effect will be the same. It's simple, you sit and do a wave on your stomach. The first time, especially for women, will be difficult. In terms of breathing. There are multidirectional efforts on the diaphragm.

Belly dance

Note that the wife of the author of the article could never do a belly dance, age 50+. She couldn't make a wave on her bellystraightaway, the skill came in about a week. Hands did not keep along the body, I forgot to breathe, the wave did not go up. I was wildly tense in my back. But . . . . health and beauty are more expensive, and this exercise, believe me, is the most effective way to quickly remove fat from the abdomen. Well, except for pumping the press, of course. But we are not considering this hard exercise for cubes right now.

Abdominal vacuum

Abdominal vacuum - 500-600 deep pumping per day. Less is possible, but if you need to remove fat quickly, it is better as we recommend. In time, it will take from 40 minutes to 1. 5 hours. If you're not in a rush, take a break. 15-20 deep wave runs and you can rest for 1 minute, catch your breath. And at first, the abdominal muscles can react with pain. It's okay, it's just that they are distracted and put on lactic acid. After 2-3 days, the pain will go away. And you will be able to do the exercise intensively.

The main thing is a total of 5-6 hundred abdominal pumping a day. You can not do two days a week, take a rest. You will definitely be able to remove the folds of fat on your belly. such pumping is akin to breathing exercises, vibration massage and yoga in one complex. And what is more effective than an integrated approach to losing weight? Only an integrated approach.

We assure you that in 1 week you will see the first results. Women by clothes. The decrease in the fat layer on the abdomen visually, and not by the size of the clothes, you will notice a little later. This is due to the characteristics of abdominal fats. And in the second week it will be already very noticeable that you have removed your stomach and you will begin to fanatically engage in this, seven days a week, because the effect is amazing.

To breathe correctly while performing a vacuum for the abdomen, the video below will help you. And breathing correctly is very important.

The second effective technique for the abdomen

This is a different kind of vacuum, it is more static and easier to perform. It is done while standing. And if you find it difficult to do the vacuum for the abdomen described above, start with an easier exercise.

Remove the fold in the lower abdomen

Well, to finish off the nastiest thing, a fold in the lower abdomen. Here, oblique twists like a bicycle will help us.

Exercise for the thighs

The exercises below will help you remove the so-called wings or ears on the thighs. And this is also mainly adipose tissue. The most effective exercise, according to our observations and your feedback, is lying on the mat, on your side, alternately abducting your legs up.

It is enough to do it for half an hour a day, 15 minutes for each leg. And in a month you will remember where you hid your old jeans that you no longer hoped to wear

Performing this exercise may be difficult for you, because the video shows a few more techniques that are effective for slimming hips. You can choose any that suits you physically. But to effectively tighten the buttocks, you can only pump the pelvis. This is the easiest exercise.

In general, removing the wings on the hips is the most difficult thing in weight loss exercises. After all, much still depends on the very device of the woman's pelvis. And if you had a wide bone in this place before, then you will not make it smaller, with or without drugs.

But if your hips used to be slender, we will help you remove all unnecessary things. In particular, subcutaneous fat deposits.

Believe me, if you seriously decided to remove excess fat in problem areas, you need to endure and not stop exercising. You can lower their intensity for the first time. Well expels lactic acid from muscles, massage. Slightly wrinkle the most painful spots and the pain will recede.

Do not forget that in a month your ass will again cause pleasant associations in men. Isn't that kind of result worth the most onerous exercise?

The hips are complicated. Childbirth will definitely add extra millimeters to the wings (ears) on the hips, don't go to the doctor. Plus age-related changes will take their toll. And as we already said, removing the excess from the hips is the most difficult thing in losing weight.

But if slim thighs are so important to you, then regular implementation of our exercises and you will get it. The main thing is perseverance + exercise! And the excess fat will go away.

That's all for the basic set of exercises.Below are examples of more weighty exercises. They are recommended for those whose health conditions and not significant excess weight allow them to give the body more intense loads.

Abdominal corner

One of the most effective exercises for pumping the rectus abdominis muscle. Position - we do lying on the floor, without lifting the shoulder blades from the floor. Stretch your arms and legs along your body. The column is half bent. We keep our head straight. The body is relaxed. And we start bending the body. We bring the body of the body so that the hands touch the toes. For the muscles of the back and abs, it will be difficult at first. Do with straight legs (not bent at the knees). The exercise is hard for the abdominal muscles. Do as many sets as you can.

Stomach plank

A light static bar, as in the video below, is for those who find it difficult to make a dynamic bar like in a gif. In what position to do? It is done on the floor. Bend your arms, rest your elbows on the floor. Legs straight. We keep our back straight without bending. In this position, we hold on as long as possible, without movement.

Oblique twists

The most effective exercise for shaping the relief of the abdominal muscles is, of course, oblique crunches. They are done lying on the floor, on your back. Raise your body above the floor, slide your shoulders together, arms behind your head. Keep your back tense. Start - we make a bike with raised legs. At the same time, we turn the body of the body to the right and left. The situation is difficult, but the efficiency is very high.

After completing this abdominal exercise, slowly lower yourself to the floor and relax your body. Calm your breathing.

These exercises and, ideally, massage, will allow you to quickly get rid of the ugly folds on your stomach. Heavy exercise is not recommended for diastasis and after cesarean section.