Diet by blood type for weight loss

weight loss by blood type

Today, the question of how to look slim and fit is extremely relevant. Many are ready to give all the most valuable in order to have an ideal figure, lose weight and look young. The various techniques that the modern world is full of are not suitable for everyone, and often have the opposite effect. Often the foods that some people consume become detrimental to the figure of others. And it's all about genetics.

The blood type diet is the most relevant today, since the kilograms do not return back, and you can eat without starving. The dietary menu for each group includes exactly those foods that are low-calorie and healthy. Therefore, you do not need to limit yourself to something, counting calories and weighing foods.

What is the secret of the blood type diet? All the mystery is hidden in the name of this system. As a result of the studies carried out by the American J. D'Amado, it turned out that all products are compatible or incompatible with a certain blood group. Depending on this, they are useful, neutral and harmful to a person. Therefore, a diet by blood group is able to "select" exactly those food products and the useful minerals they contain that are suitable specifically for a person of a particular blood group. The blood type diet menu will also indicate those foods that should not be consumed.

Diet for weight loss for 1 blood group

As long as mankind exists, there are four blood groups. The first blood group is called "the first" for a reason, since in the process of evolution, all other groups descended from it. In the modern world, approximately 34% of the world's population are carriers of the 1st group. According to nutritionists, "hunters" or owners of group 1 should include in their diet the following dietary products for blood group 1: lean meat, except for fatty pork, lean fish, beans and various seafood (seaweed, kelp, shrimp, brownseaweed). Also, the body of "hunters" requires fruits, vegetables, but not all and all types of cereals, except for buckwheat. Healthy, but low-calorie lamb, beef and liver, radishes, herbs, broccoli are suitable. As you can see, the diet for blood group 1 is most likely protein.

Of course, in order to achieve a greater effect of weight loss, one must not only rely on the dietary system, but also lead an active lifestyle. Running, gymnastics, aerobics, dancing and regular morning exercises give a good effect.

The diet for the 1 blood group excludes the following foods from its diet: pork, a variety of wheat flour baked goods, corn products, cabbage, except broccoli, citrus fruits, potatoes, sugar.

For weight loss, it is also recommended to consume vitamins of groups K, B, E and A.

Diet by blood group 2 for losing weight

According to statistics, there are slightly more representatives of the second blood group in the world than the first - 38%. People with this blood group are distinguished by the endurance of the digestive system, of course, if you do not load it with meat. That is, if you belong to the group of "farmers" - this is how, according to the evolutionary changes, the owners of the 2nd blood group are called - then the diet for the 2nd blood group for those who are losing weight should exclude both meat and dairy proteins. If you are a vegetarian, then this is the best option for you to have a slim figure, since your digestive system has difficulty digesting protein foods, and your metabolism slows down.

The blood group 2 diet recommends the following foods for consumption: legumes, soy, lean fish, various cereals. The menu must be enriched with green vegetables and fruits, except for bananas and citrus fruits. If the list of these products is used according to the diet for the 2nd blood group, then the result will not be long in coming. In addition, you significantly reduce the risk of diseases hazardous to health.

Prohibited foods for owners of the second blood group are: all citrus fruits, caviar, seafood, meat and products from it, milk, sugar and pepper. Do not drink black tea, orange juice and carbonated drinks.

Want to lose weight? Diet by blood group 3

slimming products by blood group

The third blood group is omnivorous, and according to statistics, about 20% of the world's population is endowed with it. As a rule, "nomads" are in good physical health. Their immune and digestive systems are usually normal. With regard to the foods consumed, the owners of the third group digest equally well both protein and carbohydrate foods. Therefore, the dietary food for the third blood group includes almost all low-calorie foods. While the blood group 1 diet is limited to eating lots of carbohydrate-rich vegetables and fruits, the blood group 3 diet menu allows any plant-based food you want.

The owners of this group can "get hooked" on almost any mono-diet or combination diet. But to reduce calories in the body, you need to limit yourself in the use of fatty, fried foods and excessive consumption of sweets and sugar.

The following food products are especially useful in the blood group diet menu: dairy and fermented milk products (of course, with a low fat content), various cereals, lean meat and fish, eggs, liver, vegetables and fruits. Green tea, herbal infusions, pineapple, cranberry and grape juices have a beneficial effect on the health of the body.

The diet for 3 blood groups excludes from the developed menu a number of foods unacceptable for weight loss: tomatoes, corn, seafood, fatty meat, buckwheat and wheat products. "Nomads" are forbidden to get carried away with strong tea, coffee, lemonades. All this negatively affects the metabolic processes in the body, as a result - the process of losing weight inhibits, and the body becomes clogged with carcinogens, various "chemistry".

For the well-coordinated work of digestion, nutritionists recommend eating oatmeal, millet and rice porridge. Fried and fatty are strictly prohibited. As you can see, the 3 blood type diet limits the intake of fat and sugar as much as possible. And, of course, an active lifestyle comes first.

Effective diet for 4 blood groups

The fourth (mixed) blood group is the rarest and accounts for only 7% of the world's population among its owners. If you continuously load the digestive tract of the owners of the fourth group with protein and carbohydrate ingredients, then such nutrition will not lead to anything good. Therefore, the rules of the diet for 4 blood groups are recommended to use lean meat (lamb, rabbit and turkey), low-fat dairy and sour-milk products, nuts, butter, cereals, except for buckwheat and corn, in the daily diet of those who are losing weight. For a balanced diet, vegetables and fruits (non-acidic) are required.

The diet for blood group 4 excludes the following nutritious foods from its menu: a large amount of sea fish and seafood, corn grits, black olives, fatty meat, ham, wheat products.

Having found out your blood type, before starting a diet by blood type, be sure to ask your doctor if it is advisable to do this at all.