Benefits and harms of fasting days for weight loss

fasting day

It is believed that fasting days for weight loss – the most harmless way of getting rid of excess weight. But the disadvantages they have. So can't be too careful. When unloading the regular calorie intake in humans is reduced by 20-30% from the norm. Thus the body is cleared out of him excess fluid and as a result, the body weight is reduced.

Use fasting day

  • Convenience

As a rule, during the day eat one or two of the product.

  • Fast effect

Due to the low calorie intake fat burning quickly, you will lose weight.

  • Clear skin

In those days the body is cleared of toxins. In the end, better the intestines, disappear allergic reactions and dermatitis, improves the General condition of the skin.

Harm fasting day

  • Stress

After unloading, the body can begin storing all incoming nutrients, converting them directly into fat. In the end, you can quickly gain all thrown off.

  • The slowing of the metabolism

Usually fasting days are not balanced by VIGILATE, and it leads to metabolic disorders and malfunctioning of the digestive system.

  • Mood swings

Due to the lack of energy in those days, a person can become irritable, it may decrease the performance, to be a weakness until dizziness.

Rules of the fasting day

If to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", will be able to come to the conclusion that fasting days are not so safe for health. However, if you do decide to resort to this method of weight loss, try to follow certain rules to minimize your risks.

  • Do not starve yourself

To consume fewer calories doesn't mean nothing is. This can be achieved, for example, reducing portions of your normal diet or limiting your intake of fatty and high-calorie food – fried meat, mayonnaise on salads, sausages and semi-finished products, baking and sweet desserts.

  • Do not experiment

Choose for yourself the best option of discharge, which will not expose your body to severe stress, and stick to it whenever the need arises. There is no need to spend on practical experiences.

  • Drink more water

In those days, you must drink at least two liters of water. Then the body will indeed be cleansed.

meat fasting day
  • Do not eat on the fast day salt and spices

In this case, the water will not remain in the body and edema will be excluded.

  • Do not make more than one fasting day per week

Otherwise, the body may fail, after which you will gain weight twice as fast as before.


  • On the day following the discharge, do not immediately jump on the food, no matter how hungry you woke up. Otherwise, all your unloading in vain.
  • First, please refrain from fast carbs (sugar, bread, pastries, pasta, etc.).
  • Secondly, reduce the number of calories consumed for 5-7% of the usual rate – it is enough to impose a bowl 3 tablespoons of food is less.
  • And third, eat more often, preventing the occurrence of hunger. But snacks should be healthy – fruit, nuts, yogurt instead of biscuits or candy.

The options menu fasting days

There are types of unloadings' groups:

  • carbohydrate unloading rice (buckwheat, oat), watermelon, cucumber, Apple days;
  • protein discharge – cottage cheese, meat, fish days;
  • unloading dairy – kefir, yogurt, dairy fasting days

The most effective fasting days

Meat fasting day

Boiled chicken (skinless), whole or boiled beef without salt (soy sauce is allowed in small quantities) are distributed over five meals throughout the day. To drink only water.

Kefir-Apple fasting day

One meal is only an Apple and half a Cup of yogurt. Meals should not be more than six but no less than three a day. The yogurt in this embodiment plays a significant role, because lactic acid successfully cleanses the intestines.

Rice fasting day

The day allowed three meals. 50 g dry rice with fruits and milk, while for lunch and dinner with vegetables. Figure better not to cook, and steamed in the evening (pour boiling water and leave overnight, pre-wash hot and cold water)! As a drink, choose green tea.

buckwheat kefir discharge day

Buckwheat-kefir discharge day

For Breakfast, lunch, dinner, eat only buckwheat, indignans in the evening, by analogy with Fig. Do not add salt. As snacks and before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt.

Cucumber fasting day

If you need to lose weight quickly, arrange fasting day on cucumbers. This vegetable combines two useful features – it has very few calories and contains tartronovaya acid slows the transformation of carbohydrates into fats. In addition, cucumbers derive water from the body. For such unloading, you can lose up to 3.5 kg.

During the fasting day your body will get a maximum of 300 calories, so it is best to hold it, staying at home. Unwanted physical and mental stress. Take 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers and sturdy share rate on 6 receptions. Is, they have no sauces, pure and simple. If hunger is very strong, it is permissible to eat 2 boiled eggs and 2 tablespoons bran.


Astrogeology think are the easiest and are most effective for weight loss those fasting days, which are held in birthday. It is not about the date, and day of week – Monday, Tuesday, etc. Find out your day and Wake up "eat" according to the selected option of unloading.