The most dangerous ways to lose weight according to nutritionists

To lose weight want delicious, with pleasure and without any restrictions. To avoid feelings of hunger and trainings to the seventh sweat — no side effects, but only pleasant feeling. Some ways to reduce weight as it promises!

Others offer a little "patience", but the results are gorgeous and guaranteed for life! Do not say the proponents of quick weight loss? What really awaits you if you will use the diet?

About the most dangerous methods of weight loss — say the experts.


Coding from obesity

This method is popular with those who want to "eat fish". What could be easier — came to the specialist settled on the couch — had a session of hypnosis and after a month the desired result. But just in theory!

That is really the case? Coding from obesity is always an impact on the psyche. In the subconscious mind of the patient creates a stable dominant locus which does not allow a person eat a lot or eat certain foods. If the patient believes in hypnosis, the eating habits will be broken and he may even lose weight. But the price is too high! Patients "hypnotist" is often held hostage to depression, nervous disorders and all kinds of complexes.

If the patient does not believe "the doctor", nothing happens. Appetite not only will not weaken, but increase the "forbidden fruit" is always sweeter.

Gastric banding

Under this medical procedure specialists mean the installation of special rings on the stomach brace. The latter reduces the capacity of the stomach so that the person begins to eat less food and thus soon enough. Clinics that carry out "easy" operation, ensures a fast effect — the loss of up to 60% of their excess body weight.

That is really the case? Any intervention in the human body is always a risk to health. With this method, it can result in serious problems or even death. Set the ring can migrate through the stomach to cause internal bleeding, to cause severe pain. Thus, weight loss this technique gives very modest results. Known cases when people with the extra 40-50 kg dropped only 10 kg and the weight stayed.

The "magic" pills

Pills for rapid weight loss that do not require dietary restrictions and a healthy lifestyle usually are fraught with hidden dangers. Often they contain the larvae of Ascaris lumbricoides. Parasites, which are located in the small intestine and feed on undigested food. The more, the slimming faster. Distributors miracle pills promise that after completion of the work the worms out of the body with feces. But it's not true!

That is really the case? First, a little theory! That people noticed results weight loss ascaride in the body must be several hundred. With so many people suffering severe discomfort — abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, diarrhea. Helminths infection can lead to lung damage, dysfunction of the pancreas, inflammation of the intestine.

In addition, if the large number of parasites, they can completely block the lumen of the intestine, causing intestinal obstruction. And it is not always possible to win ascariasis drugs. Sometimes you have to remove Ascaris lumbricoides surgically.

The transition to synthetic sugar substitutes

The cause of extra pounds for many people is an excessive sweet tooth. Not everyone can give pleasure to treat yourself to "delicious". Community weight loss this problem I propose to solve by replacing sugary foods with foods with artificial sweeteners, dessert foods to eat for diabetics. However to lose weight in this way will not all!

That is really the case? The use of artificial sugar substitutes, and medications for diabetics may play with the man a malicious joke. Even a common drug like "Aspartame" can cause memory loss, headaches, contribute to strokes.

With regard to medications used in the treatment of diabetics, they affect the production of insulin and absorption of glucose by the cells. Assigning them to the patient, the doctor considers the results of his laboratory research and is guided by the principles of expediency. Healthy people, these drugs do not need! Their use can lead to severe lesions of the liver and kidneys, the emergence of dangerous side effects.

Cooled with ice stomach


Supporters easy weight loss "knowledgeable people" are sometimes advised to lose weight by using ice water. It is necessary to drink one glass before each meal. "Experts" claim that due to the stomach filling with very cold water, eating nutritious food safety nutrients can not be absorbed, so the calories will not accumulate.

That is really the case? The effectiveness of this method has not been proven. All have proponents of this method of losing weight is own assumptions. But what will happen to dieters exactly is sinusitis, tonsillitis and pancreatitis, it is sufficient to practice the method regularly for several weeks.

Forced purgation

One of the most affordable ways bowel movements are enemas. People who practice this method, it is recognized that it is possible to lose 10-15 kg in the next couple of months. At the same time — no harm!

That is really the case? In addition to discomfort, which are associated with this method of "weight loss", dieters can overcome the side effects. So, regularly making yourself an enema, the person is guaranteed to earn bowel problems, and constipation. In addition, due to the excretion of nutrients, can start losing hair, the nails become very brittle, increase the fragility of bones.

Phyto tea for weight loss

In most cases a person with excess weight offer to buy the herbal tea. It is marketed as a natural way to reduce weight, which is no harm. After all, in the drink, only "medicinal plants", half of which is known, and is approved. The producers promise that the grass will speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and provide overall firming effect.

That is really the case? Even if you do have tea, to talk about their unconditional use impossible. Many medicinal plants are poisonous, others can cause problems in the body, and still not cause allergies.

There are teas for weight loss which suppress the appetite, which in itself is dangerous. Sold fees that increase blood pressure, which is unacceptable if you take high blood pressure.

The simplest variants of teas with a laxative effect with prolonged use wash out intestinal flora, which can lead to violations of a natural bowel movement. And here is diuretic teas, in addition to the primary action, cause of arrhythmia, which is bad for human health.

Diet on charcoal catalyst

Activated carbon is widely used in medical practice, the drug recognized by the tool with an absorbent effect. Proponents of weight loss in this remedy say that it can be used to get rid of "just once", it is enough to calculate their "dosage" is 1 tablet for every 10 kg of weight. The drug, in their opinion, improve bowel function, accelerate the removal of toxins and promotes weight loss.

That is really the case? Activated charcoal — a really useful tool, but not from the point of view of weight reduction. It does not affect the absorption of fat in the body and not "displays" calories. So, to lose weight with it will not work! In addition, the abuse of the activated carbon can cause problems in the digestive tract.

Eating cotton balls

This technique of weight reduction appeared relatively recently, but has already won an army of fans online. Actively promote bloggers recommend each other. Here only doctors a new trend frankly scary. Eating cotton wool soaked in water, natural juice or smoothie, maybe makes a person feel full, but causes loss of health!

That is really the case? Eating wool can be compared with the consumption of buttons or coins. If you accidentally swallowed a foreign object, nothing bad can not happen, but if constantly, expect trouble! Except for the risk of worsening their health due to the lack of nutrition, this can lead to blockage of the intestinal tract, and blockage. And this is deadly!

Expert commentary

Anna Iwaszkiewicz, private nutritionist

— What are some extreme methods of weight loss have you faced in your work?


Fasting, especially a long

Not intake of macro - and micronutrients in the body forcing him to take them from the bodies.

The body as it "eats" itself, and the first thing he starts to break down is muscle and not fat! After fasting a sharp intake of food the body perceives as a source, which you want to accumulate as much as possible, not to lose. The body is afraid of a repetition of fasting and includes cumulative mode of life.

Sharp cuts calorie day

And building diet excluding data on height, weight, age, physical activity. Each person is different and there is no single approach for everyone. But sharp cuts leads to psychological pressure during the diet.

Diet, involving drinking Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is an acid. Its consumption in large quantity leads to problems with the mucosa of the stomach and intestines, and there is not far to gastritis, pancreatitis.

A raw food diet, especially in adolescence

This new popular trend entails hormonal disruption, inhibition in the growth, development and other health problems due to non-receipt of animal food. And it is a source of important amino acids and saturated fats.

Refusal to dinner after 18.00

It all depends on your personal schedule. If you Wake up at 6.00 and go to sleep at 21.00, then you should plan a dinner for up to 18 hours, given that you are 3 hours will sleep.

The man who gets up around 12.00 in the afternoon and goes not before 24.00, you can dine in 21 hours. But unwanted long break between meals, and here it is 12 hours, this may cause problems with the stomach due to the hydrochloric acid and enzymes to digest because there will be nothing.

Diet, composed of one or two products

The body does not get the allotted amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, thus the diet will not be balanced. Weight reduction will go through only limits calories. Why torture yourself with a diet of 1 or 2 of the product, if you can eat varied, making a menu based on your caloric of the day?

Many diets in the long term can lead to osteoporosis and frailty due to lack of muscles. For this reason, not all nutritionists love to spend bioimpedance measurement in dynamics to track changes in body composition. Relying only on the scales, you can reduce several pounds in weight, but while losing fat, muscle and bone mass.

Healthy ways of getting rid of fat are EMS training and cyclical dieting. In both cases, the weight loss is a healthy is muscle mass, increased bone density, there are deficiencies of nutrients.

Long-term dietary restrictions lead to a slower metabolism, violation of secretion of sex hormones and development of deficiency States that affect health. The diet of Russians suffer from lack of vitamins D, C, b, selenium, iodine and other bioactive substances. Deficiencies of nutrients are compounded when one begins to limit the intake of food for weight loss.

When the glucose level falls, we have a weakness, it may appear easy muscle tremors (hands shaking from nerves), we become irritable, and concentration on the tasks and say no. Perhaps with an effort of will you overcome these symptoms, but in this sense no no: the body sends you signals of real biological threats, and if you do not react to them, then turn the protective organisms. Namely, decreasing the rate of those metabolic processes, which are unimportant from the point of view of survival — these include first and foremost the breakdown of fats and delivery of energy to the muscle cells. This way, your fat reserves, for which fact it was done will remain intact, and functioning of the body will be organized due to the destruction of intracellular structures.

And call one harmful method of losing weight is to "stew" in this thread, but really do nothing. There are people who sigh about the weight, you know all about diets, examined the proposals of the local gyms, but still in the evening indulge yourself with a slice of cake and promise yourself to start a new life tomorrow. Weight reduction is a systematic work on oneself and taking care of your body. Something may fail, somewhere will make a mistake through ignorance, but "to achieve a slim figure not equal to read articles about losing weight". Write down everything you know about healthy ways to reduce weight, and just start doing it.