Effective drinks for weight loss

The problem of excessive weight bothers many people more than one generation. Precipitating factors that contribute to the accumulation of excess pounds, quite a lot. It and ingested toxins, along with food and water, poor diet, polluted air, sedentary lifestyle, and more. All of this negatively affects metabolic and metabolic processes in the body, and as a result slows down the breakdown of fat cells.

drinks for weight loss

If varied diets, many are already familiar, few people know how important fluid intake throughout the day. If you drink not enough, accumulation of toxins, fats will lead to inevitable weight gain. However, not every drink is good for health and helps to lose weight. For example, eating sugary juices and sodas, you risk to gain more. So we want to offer you extremely useful, Wellness and fat burning drinks for weight loss, diet shakes, and teas, decoctions of herbs, which the effectiveness of your weight loss and maintenance figures in the form will be most productive.

How to use water

Drinking regime for weight loss, is no less important than proper nutrition. To drink throughout the day can and should be as long as is required by the body. But there is a list of universal rules that should be followed in any diet.

  • Drink more than just purified water, no gases.
  • First fluid intake must be immediately after waking up, you need to drink in one parish a glass of water, you will wash the inside, leaving all the toxins and harmful substances that has accumulated during the night, activate the digestive system and prepare it for the upcoming Breakfast.
  • Calculate individually the daily requirement of fluid for every kg of weight, she is 40 ml of water. So for example, a person weighing 60 kg should drink 2.4 liters per day.
  • Drink water 20-30 minutes before meal to prevent overeating after a meal you can drink after at least 30-40 minutes.
  • In the morning not to collide with the swelling and "bags" under the eyes, refrain from drinking fluids for about 2-2,5 hours before bedtime.
  • Almost any form of weight loss allowed green or herbal cleansing tea for weight loss in moderation natural coffee without milk and sugar, as well as freshly squeezed juices of certain fruits, especially citrus. When protein diet, you can drink diet shakes for weight loss based protein.

Drinks for weight loss at home

Water. Of course without water and maintain water balance in the body, about weight loss can be forgotten. For good health drink 2 liters of water. If suddenly there is an uncontrollable desire to eat something harmful or undesirable, drink a glass of water, it will fill the stomach and at least temporarily curbs the appetite. But who would have guessed that water can also be varied. We offer you several recipes, healthy and tasty water.

  • Water with mint. To the water was not so monotonous, you could put in a couple of fresh mint leaves.
  • Water with lime or lemon. These sour citrus fruits in the use of increase the acidity of the stomach, thereby contributing to accelerated digestion and effective splitting of fat cells. Also, I want to mention that lemon water is pretty good the sensation of hunger, which is important for people struggling with excessive calories. Often, we confuse the desire to eat with the usual thirst. Therefore, this refreshing drink is the perfect complement to any diet or usual diet. In the morning you can drink a glass of water with a squeeze of few lemon wedges. You can also create a vitamin drink for the whole family with lemon and honey.
  • Refreshing drink for weight loss ginger, cucumber, lemon, mint. This drink, named water Sassi (Sassy water) in honor of its Creator. He created a drink with an optimal ratio of ingredients which help the stomach to normalize its work, to deal with toxins, to reduce flatulence and to break down unnecessary fats in the body. This is very useful and tasty fat burning drink is becoming increasingly popular among women who want to "throw" a certain number of kg is especially true for ladies who dream to adjust the shape in the abdominal area. To prepare the classic version of the drink you will need 2 liters of clean water ( of course better if it is spring or mineral, but you can do a filtered and purified water), chopped ginger root, a few leaves of peppermint, and fresh slices of peeled cucumber. When all components are prepared, put them in a large glass jar and cover with water, put the container in the fridge for half a day, during this time the water will be filled with useful vitamins and minerals and will bring a pleasant and refreshing taste.
tea with milk

Cleansing teas for weight loss

Today, various manufacturers offer a variety of teas and herbal infusions for pohudenii. But still, there's nothing better than a cooked tea for weight loss at home own hands, this drink is completely harmless, no questionable additives, you can also choose the version suitable for taste preferences. Offer you some kinds of tea for weight loss at home recipes and variations.

  • Green tea. Everyone's favorite tea variety is effectively used in the fight against excess volumes. This drink contains phenomenal amounts of antioxidants, stimulates the metabolism and helps burn fat. A day is enough to drink 2-3 cups fresh quality tea to after a while to notice a positive effect. A pleasant surprise will not only be "melting" of pounds, but the improvement of the skin and improvement of health. Because antioxidants remove all the negative effects of lack of sleep, Smoking, and overwork.
  • Ginger tea. This drink is given special importance. Ginger came to on the Eastern countries, and today is widely used in various recipes of soups, salads, sauces and teas. The rhizome of the plant has the widest range of useful properties, one of which is the stimulation of blood circulation. Tibetan monks believe that ginger root refers to the products that help to enhance the metabolism, removes toxins, and it can help you to remain young, beautiful and healthy. So, to make tea, cut into thin slices a small piece of ginger root and pour boiling water in half an hour the drink is ready to use. The taste you can add lemon or orange juice, honey, leaves of peppermint, a pinch of cardamom or dried cranberries.
  • Precast herbal tea for weight loss at home. Using this popular recipe that many have already experienced the ease. This tea has a laxative and diuretic. To prepare the collection, combine equal parts of oak bark, flowers of tansy, buckthorn, grass, wormwood and yarrow. Ready spoon collection brew in a Cup of boiling water. Means it is quite bitter in taste, so you can add a spoonful of honey. Better to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Drainage tea for weight loss is applied if there is a problem with fluid retention in the body. To bring the excess moisture and provide a tonic effect for the body, use the following herbal teas for weight loss at home: infusion of calendula or mother-and-stepmother, a strawberry tea or a drink, attested from black currant leaves and infused in boiling water birch leaves. Drainage drinks for weight loss at home best used as additional tools in integrated methods of weight loss, which is required to present proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Smoothies for fat burning at home. Cocktails

  • The cocktail for weight loss energy. This option will suit people who want to spend a lot of energy throughout the day, as well as athletes. the main ingredients of this drink are: cheese, nuts, yogurt and grapes. Mix all with a mixer until you get a thick, homogeneous mass. This cocktail can and does replace 1 meal.
  • Useful orange cocktail. This drink contains a whole Arsenal of vitamins and minerals and also promotes effective cleansing. To prepare necessary to grind in a blender all the vegetables of the color orange: carrots, bell pepper, pumpkin, sweetish taste, you can add persimmon. Pour the orange mass of low-fat yogurt or natural yogurt.
  • Green smoothies for weight loss. Green vegetables and fruits are the most useful, healthy and anti-Allergy, they undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of metabolism. The popular green cocktail includes: broccoli, cucumber, green peas, ginger and a bit of yogurt if the mixture is too thick.
the drink recipe for weight loss

Today we told you many effective ways to lose weight at home. To get rid of extra inches and pounds and keep fit easily and it does not have to sit on a hard diet and to limit myself in everything.