Yoga for weight loss: a simple exercise for beginners at home

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, used many ways – good nutrition, sports, pills, slimming teas and even hunger strikes. And all remember — to lose weight you need to run, jump, lift weights and otherwise sweat. Yoga and Vice versa — to explore, at a moderate pace, calmly perform not too difficult exercises. The impression that it is ineffective.

But it's not.The benefits of yoga for women and men is just wonderful! It will not only help to get rid of excess weight, but will strengthen muscles, increase stamina and flexibility, improve morale.

yoga for weight loss

Does yoga help in weight loss

Those who are already engaged in exercise or just going might have heard about yoga as a way to lose weight. This option raises many doubts, but the effectiveness of these practices is proven by those who have gone this way.

And the experts in yoga say that they must first understand what yoga is.

It's not just physical exercise, it is a process of self-discovery and self-improvement. It affects not only our physical component, but also spiritual. And given the fact that the extra weight is often a problem, which sits initially in the head, then the effectiveness of yoga increases.

As psychologists say, the extra weight is man's attempt to protect itself from the outside world, to protect myself, and yoga helps to lose weight. Most likely, obesity comes in people experiencing constant stress, dissatisfaction with your life.

Therefore, even when miracle pill and throwing off the weight, not the fact that after this hand again pulled to harmful and high-calorie food in order to drown out their internal problems.

Therefore, the struggle with excess weight also includes the change in his vision of the world, deliverance from fears, problems, increasing resistance to stress, etc. this will help yoga for weight loss.

What type of yoga you should choose for weight loss

Those who are just starting their journey into the world of yoga, you should start with basic simple exercises.

The fact that yoga is not as easy as it seems in yoga for weight loss on TV. In fact, some exercises require good physical fitness and harmony of mind and body. Therefore, people suffering from excess weight, you need to start with the basics.

You should find an experienced teacher, which in the beginning will help you to do it right. This is especially true for those people who suffer from health problems.

Beginning yoga at home, you should put with Hatha yoga- this simple yoga for weight loss, it is often used in fitness clubs and is suitable for beginners. Most exercises you've ever seen from yoga belong to this species.

Those who do not have health problems, and excess weight within 3-5 pounds, you can start with Bikram yoga. The other names of this type of hot yoga. These are exercises which are performed in a heated room with high humidity. Thus, you can well to strengthen the critical systems of your body and good to lose weight.

Yoga and nutrition

Power yoga – this is a separate issue that requires serious attention. But some people who have heard about yoga, interested in a question of a slightly different nature – whether or not to abandon eating meat, starting to do yoga. The answer is no. The fact that the rejection of meat – this is purely a personal matter.

yoga for weight loss exercises

There probably people initially choosing vegetarianism, you should think about yoga to physical practices to compensate for gross energy in animal food. Diet change is not necessary. But most likely you yourself do, because I don't want to pollute your body with different junk food, you will want ease not only in movement but also in nutrition.

A set of exercises at home

If you are not able to deal with the coach, it is not necessary to abandon the plan, and should reflect on yoga for weight loss at home. All you need is a Mat or blanket to lay on the floor and preferably near a large mirror to monitor the movements of your body.

Yoga at home will strengthen your body and help you to get rid of extra pounds. Armed with this exercise program, you'll quickly achieve the success and time required for some ten minutes a day.

The twist in the pose chair

Stand right, keep feet together. On inhale, begin to bend your knees and slightly down, hands joined over the head. Having made the semi-recumbo, stop. On the exhale, bend elbows and rotate torso first to the left – right elbow should come over the left knee. You need to lean an elbow on his knee, to the maximum extent possible to twist the torso. The head should be rolled up to the ceiling. All this time keep your back straight. In this position, you will have to stand for half a minute, while the rhythmic inhale and exhale. Then on the exhale return to the starting position and repeat the same thing, but in the other direction.

Her posture

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, back, buttocks.

Widely place feet approximately a metre apart, feet expand outwards more than 45 degrees. You should feel resistance. On the exhale, bend your knees and crouch until thighs are parallel to the floor. Raise hands up and bend them at the elbows to a 90 degree angle. The hands should be uncovered. Hold this position you need within 30 seconds, the breath must be deep.


This yoga exercise for slimming the abdomen, strengthening the lower back, and chest muscles.

Adopt the horizontal position. Hands and feet rest on the floor. The whole body should be flat, the back does not bend. For this you need to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen. To hold such a position need for five breathing cycles.

Plank on one leg

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, but it is more complicated. Adopt the horizontal position, only this time, we do not rely on the hands and on the palm. Arms bend, the body move a little forward. Having felt confidence of the forces, raise right leg and hold it roughly on a par with the other. Stand in this position five breathing cycles, then change leg.

Pose of the sage is another good exercise from yoga for weight loss belly and sides.

Be the first in a horizontal position with straight arms. Stand with legs as close as possible, so that the toes were near. Right hand put on the left, try to feel the balance. Then turn your body, the right hand raised up and pivoted his feet, leaning on the left heel. Try to keep the balance for five breaths. Return to the starting position and do the same thing on the other side.

Full Cicada

Lie on the floor face down. Stretch the hands in front. Slowly inhale while lifting from the floor of the legs and upper body. Stay in this pose for five deep breaths.

Breathing exercises in yoga

Yoga exercises for weight loss and breathing practices are two complementary things. The fact that using proper breathing we increase its energy. In addition, performing breathing exercises, even apart from the lessons, is very useful. Breathing techniques have a positive effect on the entire body faster rid it of toxins, improve the digestive system. Therefore, the slimming process is faster.

Here are a few such practices:

  1. Become straight, feet shoulder width of the pelvis. Inhale, then exhale sharply, which you really need to push the air out of themselves, and thus possible to tighten up the belly to the spine. The body should be motionless and relaxed, and the breathing quick. In one approach run about 30 breaths, gradually increasing their number. Also increase the number of approaches.
  2. The second exercise is performed after the previous one. It requires to squeeze the maximum pelvic floor muscles. Holding them, slowly exhaled and performed semi-recumbo, hands are on the hips, stomach again approach to the spine. Making full breath, held for a few seconds, the breath, and then relax the pelvic muscles and slowly inhale. To perform the exercise 3 to 5 times.
yoga for weight loss twisting


Yoga has its contraindications. It is important not to overdo it, and to engage in their physical capabilities.You should pay attention to previous injuries or existing problems, and try to avoid exercises that target these parts of the body.

Postoperative, Oncology, disorders of the musculoskeletal system is contraindicated for yoga. If you're overly tired, have a fever and have a fever, or worsened chronic disease, yoga is put on time.

Yoga for beginners for weight loss preferably carried out initially under the supervision of a coach.

Thus, it is necessary to imagine that yoga is not a magic pill that will help you to quickly acquire the desired shape. Yoga is a process, not a result. You have to enjoy it, to consciously approach it.

Effective yoga for weight loss is only in the case if you regularly perform the exercises, gradually increasing their complexity, as well as watch your diet. Exercises — let's classes in the hall with the coach or home-yoga for weight loss — you need to try to perform it quickly, and to learn to feel each exercise, listen to your body, to feel the processes that occur there.

If yoga is approached correctly, it will save not only pounds, but also from stress, anxieties, fears, and improve health and morale.